GDC First Atlantic Commerce Payment Gateway Plugin for WooCommerce

Start collecting secure credit card payments on your woocommerce powered website in minutes ⏱️, not months.

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Our plugins are Fully PCI Compliant. 

GDC plugins never store cardholder information, ensuring that your customer data remains protected and your store remains compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Accept payments internationally with support for all major cards supported, including:

Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diner’s Club, JCB, NCB KeyCard

Anti-Fraud Features 

This plugin comes with specialized features to reduce risk and protect you from fraud. Integrated anti-fraud measures include Address Verification Services (AVS), 3-D Secure (Verified By Visa, Mastercard SecureCode) and Kount Risk Management solution.

Credit Card Tokenization

Give customers the flexibility to securely store their encrypted credit cards for reuse and faster checkouts in the future.

Supports Credit Card Registration For Additional Security

Combine this plugin with our Credit Card Registration & Verification module to reduce credit card fraud by up to 99.9%

Process transactions in up to 145 currencies and receive settlements in up to 15 currencies

These currencies vary depending on the bank or jurisdiction in which you have your merchant account.

Supports multiple payment modules: Authorize & Capture Immediately / Authorize then Capture Later

During authorization, the customer's card is verified and the balance is reserved on the card. During capture, the payment is taken from the customer's card and processed into the merchant's account. Both can be done immediately upon checkout, or merchants can choose to capture payments manually later.

Test Mode

Combine this plugin with Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin to collect recurring payments from customers.

Supports Subscription / Recurring Payments

Combine this plugin with Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin to collect recurring payments from customers.

Customer feedback

Here are a few testimonials from some of our customers.

Working with Genius Digital Commerce is so worth it. They are reliable and they get the job done. We have been using their plugin to accept payments on our website which was a challenge for us as we serve local and international customers. Their plugin has allowed us to process thousands of online transactions, boosting our bottom line. I would highly recommend it if you are seeking to grow your business

Javin Williams
Herboo Botanicals


After researching the features and support capabilities of several plugin providers, our Trinidad-based studio selected Genius Digital Commerce for our clients' critical 3D-Sv 2 migration process. Genius' methodical approach, professional support and unwavering guidance went way beyond our expectations and made a challenging process quite manageable. It would be an understatement to say that I highly recommend the Genius team to anyone considering WooCommerce integration with the First Atlantic platform. We look forward to future collaborations with GDC and implementing their products and services for our diverse clientele

Dwaynne Villiers
User Experience Architect
Futuregram, The Caribbean’s UX studio

Trinidad & Tobago

Genius Digital Commerce and its First Atlantic Commerce Payment Gateway, is seamless, quick and efficient. Their support services are stellar, which makes it easier for those of us, who aren’t familiar with technology. I highly recommend them and I have already done so. Those persons whom I recommended them to, have also been pleased with their products and services

George DuneKenred M.A. Dorsett Esq., CIPS
Counsel & Attorney-at-Law
Certified International Property Specialist
Realtor & Lawyer
Chancellors|C3 Chambers

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