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Need a website to take your business to the next level but don't have the budget or the capital to invest in one? No budget, no problem!

“Make your website the centre of all your marketing activities. A good website will work for you, bringing new customers and driving sales even while you sleep. - Kemar Harris

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About This Offer

For a limited time only, Genius Digital Commerce (GDC) and its partners will be offering FREE website development services to Jamaican Businesses as part of a special grant programme funded by the Development Bank of Jamaica. 

Here's why your business needs a website: 

  1. 1
    A website adds credibility to your business
  2. 2
    Your customers expect you to have a website and they are probably searching for it. 
  3. 3
    A website means that you are always open for business.
  4. 4
    Having a website helps you to get free traffic and new customers from search engines such as Google. 

Professional & Modern Design

Stand out among competitors.

Mobile Optimized

Optimal user experience across all devices with mobile responsive design.

Optimized For Search

Get found across search engines.

Fast Load Time

Because speed matters, we'll optimize your website to ensure visitors enjoy fast  loading time. 

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You missed out!

Act Now and get your website professionally designed in Jamaica for free without affecting your cash flow. 

Business Websites

Your business’s online presence, regardless of industry, can have a massive impact on its success. The most visited, most used and highest trafficked website in Jamaica is Google.

This is because customers tend to research and visit a company's website before doing business. 

Having a professionally developed, highly optimized website will lead to a strong online presence, and open up new windows of opportunity and revenue for your business. 

eCommerce Websites

We are in a world where doing business buying & selling could make the difference between success or failure, revenue or debt, health or sickness.

The eCommerce revolution has started! Your competitors have already started eCommerce and your customers have already prioritized to shopping online. Don't get left behind!

Get your eCommerce website professionally developed with secure, fast and efficient payment gateway integration and avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks of eCommerce with the help of GDC. 


What Customers Have Been Saying

So I've done business with over 5 web developers and they have not been able to provide me with the quality and specs I needed in a website. Working with Genius Digital Commerce was an extraordinary experience. The customer service was great and they actually delivered everything I outlined. And they made modifications very quickly when needed. This is a company I believe we can grow with to improve our site. Thanks again you guys really live up to your name #genius.

Javin Williams


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