Thank You

For Taking The First Step

We believe that your business qualifies for this special offer, please follow the steps below to complete the next steps immediately in order to apply for your grant!

Next Steps

To Redeem Your Free Website

step 1

Create MSME Account at

Visit this link to create your account and click the link in the account verification email.

step 2

Login to Account at & Complete Personal Profile

Complete your profile information and update. 

step 3

Add your business to your Account

Click to add your business and accurately submit all the business details requested. 

step 4

Apply For Grant For The Business You Added

Under the listing of your business, within your account, click the apply for a grant link and submit the grant application. It takes 3-5 business days for your grant to be reviewed. Once your grant is reviewed you will get an email to confirm approval and issuance of your grant. However, if there are issues with your application, you will receive an update via email advising you what are the issues, you may then log back into your account and update your application then resubmit.  

step 5

Send Us Email Confirmation That your Grant is issued

Once your grant is approved, you will receive an email from DBJ with the grant number, value of the grant and expiration date. Forward this email confirmation to us via [email protected]m and our team will reach out to you to obtain requirements and other essential details to start working on your project. 

step 6

Enjoy Your New Professionally Developed Website

Collaborate with your team, review, provide feedback and enjoy the process of seeing your new website come to life!

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