Genius Digital Commerce (GDC) Helping Local Businesses to Upgrade their eCommerce Payment Gateways to 3DS 2 for More Secure Online Transaction Processing

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Kingston, Jamaica (24 November 2022) — Genius Digital Commerce (GDC) is removing the hurdle for businesses across the region to collect payments securely online, by eliminating the issues directly related to the complex integration process which usually requires the expertise of an experienced developer.

Recent updates by the global payment associations have called for banks and payment gateways to upgrade their platforms to support the latest security standards and frameworks. This comes as Visa and Mastercard announced their discontinuation of support for 3DS 1 which is the authentication protocol used by most Caribbean banks to process online card transactions.

GDC, a Jamaican-based technology company that specialises in eCommerce, stated that most commercial banks in the region have already contacted their eCommerce merchants to advise them of the urgency to upgrade their eCommerce payments integration. 

“It is very important that merchants upgrade quickly to 3DS 2 to prevent potentially fraudulent transactions on their eCommerce platforms. The upgrade to 3DS 2 poses several benefits to both merchants and customers. The 3DS 2 protocol comes with refined accuracy and approval of sale transactions, increased security protection and an overall improved user experience. Merchants who upgrade to 3DS 2 can also be protected from fraudulent chargeback via ‘liability shift’ where the financial responsibility shifts to the card issuer instead of merchants,” said Kemar Harris, CEO of GDC.

GDC offers payment gateway integration and support services to businesses in Jamaica and across the Caribbean that need to accept payments online via their local banks. In addition, online payment has become a standard medium of collection globally for many businesses, however, several local and regional entities, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises, are still struggling to implement the necessary technologies to facilitate this optional service.

“Being unable to accept secure online payments with fast settlements is one of the keys to succeeding at eCommerce. Businesses who fail to accomplish this are usually left frustrated and generally struggle to maintain their eCommerce stores,” explained Harris. 

GDC has developed a number of plugins and solutions to help businesses and developers who need to accept payments online via their websites.

Harris said, in May, they launched WooCommerce 3DS 2 Payment Gateway Plugin for First Atlantic Commerce which provides eCommerce integration for commercial banks in over 20 Caribbean Islands.

“Since then, we’ve seen businesses who use commercial banks in the region such as NCB Jamaica, Republic Bank, Scotiabank, among others, being able to use our plugins to complete their payment gateway integration, testing, and validation process in just a matter of days – albeit, a process that would usually take most merchants a month or more,” he said.

For their part, SVP, Business Development and Marketing, at First Atlantic Commerce, Tricia Lines Hill, said developers are key to this upgrade and GDC has been a great partner in helping the transition process of many of their merchants.

 “GDC has assisted many of our merchants in their migration from 3DS1 to 3DS2. Since 3DS1 is no longer available, it is crucial for merchants to upgrade to 3DS2 so that with any disputed credit card payments, the financial liability can shift from the merchant to the card issuer. The technology, 3DS2, also enables better customer experience through less friction,” informed Lines Hill. 

In just October 2022, GDC by means of their plugins and custom payment gateway integration services has helped close to 50 businesses to upgrade to and integrate 3DS 2 payment processing on their eCommerce stores; a milestone that many businesses have been trying to accomplish ahead of Black Friday. 

Proprietor of Leaven Content Company, Howard Senior, said: “We found the GDC team to be very knowledgeable, and highly responsive. The onboarding process was easy and the integration of their plugin with our website was seamless.”

Jamaican-based company, Herboo Botanicals’ Owner, Javin Williams, said working with Genius Digital Commerce was worth it. 

“They are reliable and they get the job done. We have been using their plugin to accept payments on our website which was a challenge for us as we serve local and international customers. Their plugin has allowed us to process thousands of online transactions, boosting our bottom line. I would highly recommend it if you are seeking to grow your business,” said Williams.

Harris expressed that he openly encourages businesses that are in need of support to accept payments online to reach out to Genius Digital Commerce via their website to explore the options available to them as this could help them to save not just time but also money as they upgrade or initiate the integration process.

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Genius Digital Commerce (GDC) is a Digital Solutions agency based in Jamaica that specializes in providing eCommerce solutions to businesses. GDC’s strategic focus is to help businesses efficiently digitise and leverage the power of eCommerce to drive increased sales and revenue. GDC provides website development, custom payment gateway integrations, and easy-to-use plugins and apps for integrating FAC Payment Gateway with popular platforms such as Woocommerce and Shopify.

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