How to Install & Activate Card Registration Addon Plugin

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Before installing the Card Registration Addon Plugin, ensure that the following required plugins are already installed and active:

Follow the instructions below to install and activate the plugin:

  1. Upon completion of your order, you will automatically receive an email like the one below, with the subject “Your order of Card Registration Addon for FAC Payment Gateway by GDC is completed

2. Click the Download button from the email to download the plugin zip file to your computer.

3. Log in to the WordPress admin dashboard of your website.

4. Before installing this plugin, first ensure that

4. From the Plugins sub menu, click Add New. Then select Upload Plugin

5. Install and activate the plugin

6. Under the Settings menu in your admin dashboard, select the menu option called “FAC Card Registration Module Activation

7. Enter the activation code from the email received to activate your subscription in order to begin using the plugin.