Understanding The Card Registration Addon Settings

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  1. Below is a screenshot of the payment gateway settings page
  2. This settings page contains all the plugin configuration options for both the core payment gateway plugin as well as the card registration addon. To see the options specific to the card registration addon, check the checkbox next to “Enable/Disable Card Registration Module“. Once checked, the additional settings will appear below.
  3. Be sure to configure the settings above the card registration section first as the card registration module is also dependent on the settings before. Click here to learn how.
  4. Below is a guide for understanding and completing the options in the card registration portion of settings:
    1. Card Verification Merchant ID
      Here you will enter your FAC Merchant ID that will be used for card verification transactions. Some banks, such as NCB Jamaica, may issue special FAC credentials for card registration purposes. If you have designated FAC credentials for card registration, then enter the FAC Merchant ID here, otherwise, you can enter your regular FAC Merchant ID.
    2. FAC Merchant Processing PasswordHere you will enter the corresponding processing password for the FAC Merchant ID entered above.
    3. Card Verification AcquirerID:Here you will enter the AcquiererID associated with the FAC account. This is usually: 464748
    4. Maximum number of verification attempts:
      This option allows you to limit the number of verification attempts that customers have. This prevents customers from guessing the verification charge or trying all possible combinations. For added security, we recommend allowing no more than 3 verification attempts.If a customer exceeds the maximum verification attempts above then they will be prevented from making additional verification attempts unless they cancel the process and start again with a new verification charge.
    5. Time limit for verification of credit card (in minutes):

      This option allows you the duration of time that a customer has to verify their card after the verification charge has been made. The time limit must be entered in minutes.Here are some commonly used values:

      1 hour = 60
      1 day = 1440
      2 days = 2880
      3 days = 4320
      7 days = 10080

    6. Only accept registered payment methods during checkout

      If this option is checked then customers will not be allowed to use any credit card during checkout without first registering and verifying it. It will result in the following changes to the checkout page:(i) Logged out customers will see a notice that they must log in and add + verify their card before they can make payments.  (ii) Logged in customers will see their list of verified cards to choose from, if any, or a button to add a new card.

    7. Select the supported currencies for card verification

      Only card currencies supported by the merchant account should be used for the card verification addon. Select multiple currencies by pressing CTRL (on Windows) or Command (on Mac) while selecting the currencies.



  • When entering FAC Credentials for card registration, be reminded that if TEST MODE is checked, you should enter credentials for the test environment otherwise, you should enter the credentials for the production/live environment.
  • Tokenization must be enabled in the settings for Card Registration to work properly.